• What to Do When Pulled Over for DWI

    Posted By David Finn, P.C. || 21-Jan-2016

    Most people know at least one person who has been pulled over for driving under the influence. Most of these occurrences unravel similarly. They are pulled over, the law enforcement officer asks, “Do you know why you’ve been pulled over?” In most cases, the driver will respond, “No, I do not,” to which the police officer will respond with some answer that justifies ...
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  • What is an Order of Nondisclosure?

    Posted By David Finn, P.C. || 4-Jan-2016

    If you have a criminal record and are tired of the many ways it holds you back, you may benefit from obtaining an order of nondisclosure. Also called “record sealing,” an order of non-disclosure is a court order which prohibits public entities, such as police departments or courts, from disclosing certain criminal records. It also allows an individual to legally free themselves from ...
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  • Why Hire a Dallas Criminal Defense Attorney?

    Posted By David Finn, P.C. || 9-Dec-2015

    When responding to a criminal accusation, it is of utmost importance to have a skilled Dallas criminal defense attorney at your side. Many individuals think they can defend themselves, which often leads to disastrous and preventable results. Federal prosecutors have ample resources and access to experts and private investigators. If you are under investigation for a crime, you need to know that ...
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  • Welcome to Our Blog

    Posted By David Finn, P.C. || 4-Dec-2015

    David Finn, P.C. We at David Finn, P.C. would like to welcome you to our blog. We keep up to date with changes in the criminal system and remain informed about high-profile cases and other relevant current events. To better inform the men and women we represent, our Dallas criminal defense lawyer will be sharing these informative posts on our blog. We believe that being well-informed allows our ...
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