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Defending Federal Conspiracy Charges in Texas

The law defines conspiracy as an agreement between two or more persons to work together to commit an unlawful or criminal act in violation of federal laws. Simply stated, it is an agreement between two or more individuals to commit a crime.

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What is Fraudulent Use of Identifying Information?

It is illegal in Texas to possess or use someone else’s ID or other identification documents. Under Texas Penal Code § 32.51, the use or possession of another person’s identifying information without their permission is a crime, particularly if you intend to use it…

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Deceptive Business Practices in Texas

Deceptive trade goes on when individuals or businesses intentionally mislead or entice the consumer to purchase a product or service. This includes holding back significant information that might have prevented the public from purchasing the product in…

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Milner and Finn Host Reception for DA-elect Susan Hawk

Don't Leave Your Defense To Just AnyoneGet Attorney David Finn a Former Criminal Trial Judge & Federal Prosecutor Who Has Successfully Tried Thousands of Cases and Hundreds of Jury Trials.       The law firm of Milner and Finn had the pleasure of hosting a...

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Attorney wants Frisco police to release note found at home of couple

The attorney for a Frisco woman found dead, along with her husband, in their home last week said the contents of a note discovered at the scene should be released to the public. David Finn also called on the Texas Rangers to provide an independent report on the investigation into the deaths of Sumeet and Pallavi Dhawan. The Rangers have been asked to assist with the investigation.

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Balch Springs 10-Year-Old Drowns

Don't Leave Your Defense To Just Anyone Get Attorney David Finn a Former Criminal Trial Judge & Federal Prosecutor Who Has Never Lost a Trial / Appeal     Office Location 2828 N. Harwood Suite 1950 Dallas, TX. 75201 Contact Us Phone: (214) 651-1121...

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