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Homicide is generally used to describe an individual killing another individual. It only refers to the fact that a person’s life was taken by another, and is not specific to circumstances by which the killing occurred. It is only in court that the criminal act is classified as a more specific crime and is given a corresponding penalty if the accused is found guilty.

If you or a loved one are facing a homicide charge, it is crucial that you consult with an attorney as soon as possible. An experienced criminal defense lawyer can protect your rights and can work to keep your criminal record clean. Contact David Finn, P.C. at (214) 538-6629 today to discuss your legal options.

Types of Homicide

In the state of Texas, there are four primary categories associated with homicide. These are, in decreasing order of severity:

Capital murder

An individual commits capital murder if he or she knowingly or intentionally murders a fireman or police officer acting in official capacity or commits a murder for hire. He or she may also be charged with capital murder if he or she commits murder while committing a violent crime, murders multiple victims, or murders a child below ten years of age. If convicted of capital murder, an individual may be punished with either life imprisonment without parole or death.


An individual commits murder if he or she knowingly or intentionally causes the death of another, or plans to cause another to suffer severe bodily injury and commits an act that is obviously dangerous to people that results in the death of another. A person may also be charged with murder if they attempt to commit or commits a felony, apart from manslaughter, and attempts to commit or commits an action obviously dangerous to people that results in the death of another. Murder is a first degree felony in Texas, and is punishable by five to 99 years in prison.


Manslaughter occurs when an individual’s reckless actions causes the death of another person. The prosecution need not prove intent or specific intent that the offender intended to kill another, if he or she acted recklessly. A second degree felony, manslaughter and is punishable by two to 20 years in prison.

Criminally negligent homicide

Criminally negligent homicide refers to when an individual takes an action so dire in nature that it can cause the loss of life, and any precautions that could have been taken by the average person to prevent the homicide were not used. Criminal homicide is a state jail felony, and is punishable by anywhere from 180 days to two years in state jail.

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Of the crimes covered by the criminal code, crimes associated with criminal homicide are the most serious in terms of penalties.

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