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The Second Amendment guarantees citizens the right to bear arms. However, there are many restrictions on this important right at both the state and federal levels, even if the citizen possesses a concealed handgun permit.

Many jurisdictions have laws related to the possession, carrying, use, sale, manufacture, and the importation of weapons. And even citizens licensed and authorized to carry firearms may be in violation of the law for having the gun at an airport, educational institution, in a courthouse or correctional facility.

Over the past ten years, Attorney Finn has successfully represented many citizens accused of weapons violations, and particularly those individuals who simply forgot that they had a gun in their bag when they attempted to go through security at DFW International Airport or Dallas Love Field.

Many of these clients had no criminal history, and many had concealed handgun permits on the day of their arrest. Mr. Finn has enjoyed an amazing success rate on these gun-in-airport (also called weapons places prohibited) cases. Grand juries have good sense and, if presented with all of the facts, they generally can distinguish an honest mistake from a criminal act. But they have to be presented with all of the facts, evidence, and background of the Client.

If you forgot about a gun in your carry-on bag, don’t take chances with your good reputation. Call Attorney David Finn at: 214.651.1121.

Finally, if you receive a letter from the F.A.A. or the National Transportation Safety Board in connection with your airport arrest, please consult with an experienced criminal defense lawyer before you respond to the letter. It’s very important.

Have you been arrested or cited at Dallas Fort Worth (DFW) or Love Field airport for a criminal violation? If so, there is help available.

Millions of citizens travel through Dallas airports every year. For some, the experience can be quite devastating when travel turns into a nightmare following an arrest by airport security. As a result of 9-11, police and law enforcement personnel are at a heightened state of alert and therefore even a simple mistake of bringing a weapon in a checked bag can be followed by a detention, arrest and criminal prosecution. David Finn has been defending ordinary, good people accused of various criminal offenses inside local airports in the Dallas/Fort Worth area for a decade.

If you have been stopped, detained, searched, arrested, or given a citation (a notice to appear in court), while you were at a Dallas area airport, it is important to promptly retain a criminal defense attorney.

Call David Finn, now, at 214 651-1121 to find out what options may be available to you! Searches at security checkpoints operated by the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) sometimes result in arrests of people who have never been in trouble with the law, including concealed handgun permit holders. The consequences can be severe and you certainly want to do everything you can to protect your constitutional and statutory rights. Airport Criminal Defense Attorney David Finn has handled many of these cases and can be your advantage before a Dallas or Tarrant County grand jury, or in court.

Finn is an experienced airport criminal defense attorney, and can provide you a significant tactical advantage in dealing with your arrest at the airport. His knowledge of the criminal justice system offers you a unique opportunity to take advantage of the best approaches to deal with your particular situation. Finn is a former federal and state prosecutor, and elected criminal trial judge; put his experience to work for you.

Weapons at the Airport

Guns, Handguns, Pistol, Antique Firearm, Cane Gun, Wallet Gun, Sawed-Off Shotgun, Cane Sword, Dirk or Dagger, Knives, Kubatons, Brass Knuckles, Metal Knuckles, Black Jacks, Switchblades, Batons/Billy Clubs, Mace, Pepper Spray, Night Sticks, Nunchaku, Throwing stars, Shocking Devices, Explosive Devices, Explosive Agents, etc.

If you are found to be in possession of a weapon when you pass through a security checkpoint at the airport, you can be charged with a felony or misdemeanor. Jail or prison sentences are not uncommon. What are your options? What are the defenses? Who will look after your rights? Who has specialized knowledge in this area of law? Dallas Attorney David Finn provides answers for his clients, and has a proven track record in this particular area of the law.

Prohibited Items at the Airport

Firearms, Imitation Firearms, Frame/Receiver/Barrel/Magazine of a Firearm, Knives, Box Cutter or Straight Razor, Baton, Mace, Replica/Practice Grenades, Tear Gas, Taser/Stun Gun, BB/Pellet/Air Pressure/CO2 Pressure/Spring Action/Spot Marker Gun/Paint Gun, etc.

Heightened Security Issues at the Airport

Heightened security concerns after September 11th, 2001, has led governmental agencies to intensify law enforcement efforts in airports across the country. Prior to this time period, various “minor” incidents occurring in United States airports were often handled informally. Today, law enforcement has what amounts to a “zero tolerance” policy on airport misconduct, and cases are being pursued aggressively at both the state and federal levels. Violations are oftentimes considered more serious by virtue of the fact that they occurred at the airport. It is serious business- anybody who walks through an airport today notices the incredible resources expended towards airport security. And that serious business continues into the criminal courtroom, where the stakes become even more significant for otherwise law-abiding citizens.

In order to convict you of an airport-related violation, however, the prosecution must prove certain key facts. As is often the case, the facts required to arrest someone at the airport are not necessarily the facts required to prove the case in court. Although law enforcement might have the right to arrest a person in the airport, in some situations, if the case is effectively defended in court by an attorney, the charge could be dismissed, or no-billed by a grand jury. That is what makes legal representation in airport-related charges so critical. You need to know what you can do to protect your legal rights.

We know what to do if you have been charged with a violation at the airport. You owe it to yourself, and your family and employer, to get the best legal representation possible, from an experienced lawyer who is familiar with your specific charge and the possible defenses you may have. These cases can be won.

In many cases a Lawyer can go to Court or grand jury on your behalf, thereby avoiding the hassle and expense of having to travel back to Dallas or Fort Worth area if you reside in a distant city or state.

David Finn has defended airport originating cases with some of the best results imaginable. The experience from handling thousands of criminal cases can be put to use when we are retained to represent you and fight on your behalf as an aggressive and experienced advocate.

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