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With the rise of technology in recent years, it is no wonder that the number of criminal charges associated with technology have also increased—particularly Internet crimes.

Since Internet crimes often involve the exchange of information across state borders, these cases are typically prosecuted in federal court. Federal prosecutors simply need to establish that a crime was committed on a computer, and that the computer was connected to the Internet at the time the crime was committed.

If you are charged with this crime, it is imperative to have a skilled criminal defense attorney representing your best interests. Contact David Finn, P.C. at (214) 538-6629 today to discuss your legal options.

Types of Internet Crimes

Common Internet crimes include:

  • Identity theft
  • Online credit card fraud
  • Bank fraud
  • Telecommunications fraud
  • Forgery scams
  • Software piracy
  • Drug trafficking
  • Child pornography offenses
  • Other Internet sex crimes such as sexual harassment and solicitation of a minor

Complete anonymity may be difficult to achieve on the Internet. Every action can leave a trail of evidence that investigators may have been gathering quietly—months before an individual realizes that he or she is under suspicion.

Evidence in Internet crime cases include chat transcripts, emails, as well as exchanges on Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites. In defending these matters, a criminal defense attorney may be able to ensure that a warrant is obtained prior to computer files and online accounts being searched, that any warrant is valid, and that the scope of the search remained within the limitations of the warrant.

Federal law, however, does not always clearly state situations where online communications are protected and deemed private. As such, an experienced attorney may be able to potentially challenge certain types of evidence based on the Fourth Amendment and violations of other constitutional rights.

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In any of its numerous forms, Internet crimes are a serious federal offense that could potentially result in imprisonment and hefty fines. Internet sex crimes could result in your registration as a sex offender.

If you or a loved one have been accused of an Internet crime, contact a criminal defense lawyer as soon as possible. David Finn, P.C. can protect your rights, fight the allegations against you, and create the strongest defense possible. Call David Finn, P.C. at (214) 538-6629 today.

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