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If an individual violates the state laws of Texas, the state has the power to arrest, try, convict, and charge defendants for crimes such as robberies, DWIs, assaults, and homicides.

Among the most common crimes in Texas can include: white collar crime, DWI, drug trafficking, Possesion, sexual assault, murder, homicide, intoxicated manslaughter, rape, kidnapping, robbery, arson and many more.

When it comes to a criminal prosecution in Texas, the state has the highest burden of proof. Even if you are the subject of a criminal investigation,the State may not always be able to prove the charges against you.

It is imperative that you contact a state criminal defense attorney immediately. David Finn, P.C. will leave no law or defense unexplored in defending you.

Federal crimes are different from state crimes. A federal crime refers to a violation of a statute that is passed by the U.S. Congress – generally a regulation or law of national concern, such as crimes that occur across state lines. Federal crimes are typically factually and legally complex, and are known for tight deadlines and harsher penalties.

Defense attorney David Finn handles a broad range of federal crimes, including: white collar offenses, drug trafficking, child pornography, immigration offenses, federal conspiracy charges, internet crimes, bank fraud, drug related offenses, wire fraud, tax evasion, mortgage fraud, identity theft, computer Crimes and many more.

Conviction rates for federal crimes are typically high as the prosecution is generally backed by an extensive investigation conducted by multiple specialized government agencies. Unfortunately, an arrest will put your rights, your family, your career, and your freedom at risk. Only an experienced federal criminal defense attorney with a deep understanding of federal law can provide the quality representation needed for a federal criminal charge.

Dallas federal and state defense attorney David Finn handles a broad range of federal crimes, including:


White Collar Offenses
Drug Trafficking
Child Pornography
Immigration Offenses
Federal Conspiracy Charges
Healthcare Fraud
Drug Related Offenses
Wire Fraud
Tax Evasion
Mortgage Fraud
Computer Crimes
Federal Habeas Corpus
And More

“David Finn is the kind of trial lawyer most people want when they’re facing 30 years in prison. He’s loud, is not above pounding tables, and will do just about anything to have the last word before a jury.”

John Council (Jan 2018)

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“David Finn will come after you in Court with the focus and fearless presence that only Finn commands. His thorough research, comprehension, and knowledge… are unequivocally unsurpassable”

James Wright, Esq. (Fellow Attorney Federally Charged and Successfully Defended by David Finn )



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