Discovery Bill Not Dead-Yet

Remaining reciprocal discovery bill may have life.

David Finn

SB560, the reciprocal discovery bill, remains dead. However, the Senate amended HB969 with all the language from SB560, plus language that meets the objections from the prosecutors raised late in the session. This, too, is now a reciprocal discovery bill.

This bill is now in conference. When there is disagreement by the House and Senate over a bill, the Speaker of the House appoints 5 representatives and the Lieutenant Governor also appoints 5 senators. The conferees of this reciprocal discovery bill (HB969) are: Rep. Keel, Rep. Bonnen, Rep. Escobar, Rep. Gattis, and Rep. Pena. Today the Lieutenant Governor appointed the following conferees from the Senate: Sen. Carona, Sen. Hinojosa, Sen. Whitmire, Sen. Seliger and Sen. Duncan. They must meet by Friday. If they come to an agreement, then some form of discovery reform will be produced. If they cannot agree, then the measure is dead.

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