DPD Quota System?

Everyone needs to go immediately to your nearest newsrack and get the June issue of D Magazine. I got mine in the mail today, so I assume its on the newstands. There is an article about the newest scam in the Dallas Police Department – using AIS to subtantiate information to fabricate minor offenses against defendants so that the police officer will get a “point” added to his/her daily count. The points are used by the department to justify promotions. Apparently each street cop needs to make a minimum number of points each day, the more the better, so some (the article names names) just fabricate cases against defendants, with the help of AIS.

Did anyone know about a “point system” in the DPD? or have I lost touch? Isn’t this the quota system they have long denied using?

And, the reason that is so often used to justify why PDs and defense attorneys can’t have access to AIS is that we might “abuse the system’s capabilities”. Looks to me like its the cops who may be abusing the system.

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