Enumerated Police Officer List

Channel 11, KTVT ran this story a couple of months ago.
I’m not sure if the information is current or accurate, but it is worth a look.

David Finn

List of Enumerated Police Officers 02/12/07

Balch Springs Police Department

Jonathan Purifoy

Carrollton Police Department

Steve Lair Badge No. 798
Jay Scifres Badge No. 590
Tim Zimmerman Badge No. 731

Cedar Hill Police Department

Aaron E. Barnes None * NLE

Dallas County Constables

Anthony (Tony) Hunt Reserve Constable
Lakeisha Johnson

Dallas City Marshal’s Office

Rodney Gagnon, Detention Officer
D.O.B. 09/17/49

Teashia Nelms a.k.a. Teashia Rusk, Detention Officer
D.O.B. 05/10/72

David Phillips, Detention Officer
D.O.B. 01/02/62

Martin Villarreal, Deputy Marshal
D.O.B. 08/30/57

Dallas Police Department

Charles Avery Badge No. 5339
Johnny Baker Badge No. 6312
Zackary Neal Belton Badge No. 3751
Russell Binion Badge No. 6691
Jo Ann Booker Badge No. 8087
April Washington Boyd Badge No. 7235
Thelan Craig Boyd Badge No. 7227
Tommy Brooks Badge No. 6967
Miguel Angel Cabral (DPD Employee)
Jose Luis Cabrera Badge No. 7237
Watt Carroll Badge No. 7831
Douglas Carson Badge No. 6430
Derrick Carwardine Badge No. 8376
Raymond Caskey Badge No. 7973
Zenoc Castro Badge No. 7689
George A. Chavarri Badge No. 6851
Stephen Cleary Badge No. 827
Milton Cockrell Jr. Badge No. 7323
Vincent Coleman Badge No. 8246
Michael Contreras Badge No. 8426
Jay Cooper Badge No. 4991
William Cowley Badge No. 6533
Terrance Crear Badge No. 5670
Bob Crider Badge No. 5004
Kimberly Deaton Badge No. 8077
Mark Delapaz Badge No. 6378 *NLE
Gerald Dickens Badge No. 7958
Larry L. Dyer Badge No. 5811
Kenneth Ellis Badge No. 5177
Jose Escamilla Badge No. 7594
Derrick C. Evans Badge No. 7862
Jerry Fonville Badge No. 8176
John Fruge None *NLE
Leonard Fuchs III Former DPD Police Officer
Ransom Funches Badge No. 6960
Richard Garcia Badge No. 4817
Darryl W. Gary Badge No. 6750

Ramon Gonzalez Badge No. 6959 (?)
(Ramond Gonzalez)
Jack Gouge Badge No. 4575
Deanna Hammond Badge No. 8379
Pamela Hampton Badge No. 7811
Frank Hasty Badge No. 6597
Jeff Haywood Badge No. 6458 *NLE
Eddie Herrera Badge No.6916 *NLE
Kurt Hibbets Badge No. 7234
Dexter L. Ingram Badge No. 7002
Miguel Jamaica Badge No. 7175
Roderick Janich Badge No. 4541 *NLE
Brenda G. Johnson D.O.B. 07/15/57
(Former DPD Employee)
Danny Johnson Badge No. 5867
Arthur Jordan Badge No. 7371
Terrance A. King Badge No. 6619 *NLE
David Larson Badge No. 4148
David Llewellyn Badge No. 6746
Eugene March Badge No. 6945
Arlin Mason Badge No. 6400
Ralph McAfee Badge No. 7778
Jeanette McCabe Badge No. 6313 *NLE
David Michals Badge No. 5172
Craig Miller Badge No. 4653
Arthur James Muhammad Badge No. 7371
(Formerly Arthur Jordan)
Charles Muhammad None *NLE
(Formerly Charles Grayling Durham)
Rachel Nicely Badge No. 7176
Tracy Nichols Badge No. 7720
Fidel Ortiz Badge No. 7402
Roshonda Parker Badge No. 7801
Cynthia Parker-Ferguson Badge No. 4638
Brian Payne Badge No. 7504
Zavala Perez Badge No. 7944
Shelly Pierce Badge No. 8074
James Lawrence Quaite Badge No. 8126
Joe Ramos Badge No. 7548
Leslie Reese Badge No. 6637
Bert Rippy Badge No. 6853
Robin H. Rivera Badge No. 8138
Winston Tyler Russell Badge No. 8199 *NLE
Edward Saenz Badge No. 7575
George Settle Badge No. 4999
Keith Strickland Badge No. 6979
Frederick Strong Badge No. 5827
Diane Swint Badge No. 8239
Patrick Taylor Badge No. 8587
Mark Terrell Badge No. 7924
Kesha Thomas Badge No. 7433
Terrance Thomas Badge No. 6541
Brandon Thompson Badge No. 8411
Glenn Thompson Badge No. 7847
Jermaine Thompson Badge No. 7957
Adolfo Vega Badge No. 7438
Brad Elliott Vitters Badge No. 8209
Twana Walls Badge No. 8132
Jason Scott Webb Badge No. 7558
Edwin White Badge No. 7159
Richard Allen Wilson Badge No. 4868
Marcus Cantrell Winn Badge No. 7890
Stacey Wychopen Badge No. 7018

Dallas Sheriff’s Officer

Michael A. Baker Badge No. 495
(Arlo Mike Baker)
Thomas “Buck” Fortner Badge No. 203
Cary Platt Badge No. 9195 (R-195)
Romeo Rodriguez Badge No. 471
Hector Manuel Torres Badge No. 595

DeSoto Police Department

Justin White Badge No. 148

Dillard’s Department Store

Julio C. Ruvalcaba
Cody Townson

Garland Police Department

Demarcus Banda None *NLE
David B. Blair ID# 2850
Kevin Mark Brown ID# 1882
Samuel Castorani Badge No. 478 *NLE
Marco Antonio Garza ID# 2218
Jerry Steven Martin ID# 2079
Timothy McClure ID# 3169
William Mott ID# 5224 *NLE
Scott A. Myers ID# 2785 *NLE
Glen Shaw Badge No. 52 *NLE, Employee No. 1987

Grand Prairie Police Department

Mark Damon Police Former Evidence Technician

Irving Police Department

Timothy Colpean Badge No. 888
Miguel Alvarado Gutierrez Badge No. 886
Jared May Badge No. 901 *NLE
Dan Miller Badge No. 298
Mark Talley Badge No. 549
Anthony Thompson Badge No. 894

Lancaster Police Department

Bobby Wayne Henry Badge No. 406
Mesquite Police Department

Bryan Keith Hensley Badge No. 513
Scott Jimenez Badge No. 574

Richardson Police Department

Leonard Lansford Garreans None *NLE (Detention Officer – No badge # )
Deryck Dwan Lewis Badge No. 1077

Ross Store

Jason Allen Clark Former Loss Prevention Officer

Rowlett Police Department

Ronald G. Getsinger Former Property and Evidence Custodian
Robert Benjamin Johnson, Sr. Badge. No. 1055

Sachse Police Department

Keith Jobe Badge No. 223

Seagoville Police Department

Brandy Randall Hale

Target Department Store

Adrian Romero Lara Former Loss Prevention Officer

Phone Numbers

Office: (214) 538-6629

Office Location

4015 Main Street, Suite 100
Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: (214) 538-6629
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