How do I find an attorney & what fees will I be charged?

With both your liberty and reputation at stake, you don’t want to hire the wrong attorney. Do not make the mistake that some people do and simply go through the phone book calling attorneys in order to find the lowest bidder. You are buying an attorney’s knowledge, experience, and professionalism. You are not buying a lawn mower.

If you have had friends who have had to hire a criminal defense attorney in the past, you should first consult with them regarding their experiences. Here are some questions to ask: (1) Does the attorney specialize in criminal law? (2) Is the attorney board certified in criminal law? (3) How much experience does the attorney have with your type of case? (4) Did the attorney offer to give you a written fee contract that sets out the fee and what he or she will do to defend your case? (5) Did the attorney take time to explain things thoroughly and in plain English? (6) Will the attorney be available to meet with you and take your phone calls after you pay his or her fee? Beware of attorneys that promise a certain result or suggest that they have special influence with the courts or the prosecution.

Most criminal defense attorneys in Dallas County will charge a flat fee as opposed to an hourly fee. Nevertheless, in setting the flat fee, a criminal defense attorney will have to estimate how many hours he or she thinks they will put into your case. Beware of attorneys that charge you a very low fee simply to get your case. Often the attorney will only put as much time into the case as the fee supports. Be selective and ask questions.

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