Finn & Broden Team-Up For Federal Success

Attorneys David Finn and Clint Broden appealed a federal sentence from the Northern District of Texas. Finn had handled the sentencing, made objections, and preserved what he perceived to be legal errors. He then brought Clint Broden on-board because he knew Broden was a brilliant appellate lawyer. They worked together as a team.

Initially the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against them, and affirmed the sentence. But Finn and Broden did not quit. They appealed that ruling to the United States Supreme Court. The United States Supreme Court then remanded it back to the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals to re-examine the issues preserved and raised in light of the recent Booker Supreme Court decision.

With the benefit of the Booker decision, the 5th Circuit Vacated and Remanded the case back to the trial court for resentencing. We don’t yet know whether the sentence will be reduced, but at least there is hope.

To read the opinion please click below:

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