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American Bar Association (ABA) – –
Summaries of Formal Ethics Opinions of the ABA’s Standing Committee on Ethics and Prof. Resp. (including links to obtain opinions).

National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers –
Ethics Opinions of the NACDL Ethics Advisory Committee, frequently asked questions, and advice regarding the analysis of ethics questions for criminal defense counsel.


Alabama –
Alaska –
Arizona –
Arkansas –
California –
Colorado –
Delaware –
District of Columbia –
Florida – [click on “Ethics Opinions”] Georgia –
Hawaii –
Indiana –
Kentucky –
Maine – [click on “Ethics Opinions”] Massachusetts –
Michigan –
Minnesota –
Mississippi –
Missouri –
Montana- [click on “Ethics Opinions”] Nebraska –
Nevada –
New Hampshire – [click on “Legal Links,” then “Ethics Opinions & Practical Ethics Articles”] New Jersey –
New Mexico –
New York – [Click on “Publications,â€? then “Ethics Opinionsâ€?] North Carolina –
North Dakota –
Ohio Supreme Court –
Oklahoma –
Oregon –
Philadelphia –[Click on “Publications and resources,â€? then “Ethics Opinionsâ€?] Rhode Island –
South Carolina –
South Dakota –
Tennessee –
Texas –
Utah –
Vermont –
[Click on “Attorney Resources,â€? then “Advisory Ethics Opinionsâ€?] Virginia Continuing Legal Education –
Washington –
West Virginia –
Wisconsin –

Los Angeles County Bar Ass’n- and
Nassau County Bar Ass’n –
New York City Car Ass’n – [click on “Reports/Publicationsâ€?] New York County Lawyers Ass’n – [click on “News and Publicationsâ€? then “Ethics Opinionsâ€?] reschedule
Orange County Bar Ass’n – [Click on “Ethics Opinionsâ€?] San Diego County Bar Ass’n -
San Francisco Bar Association –
Suffolk County Bar Ass’n –[click on “Ethics Opinionsâ€?]

American Legal Ethics Library – – links to professional responsibility codes nationwide. –– Mercer Law professor David Hricik, and Peter Krakaur, provide links to state and other ethics authorities. Professor Hricik also has a Legal Ethics and Risk Management page:

Legal Ethics Forum –– Weblog featuring continually – updated materials on legal ethics.

Freivogel on Conflicts –– Ethics consultant Bill Freivogel’s “practical online guide to conflicts of interest for lawyers.â€?

sunEthics – Ethics links for Florida lawyers; state-by-state ethics links; and national ethics sites.

Virtual Chase Legal Ethics Guide– A pathfinder leading to federal agencies, state ethics sites, and other ethics authorities.

LegalEthicsBlog –– Kentucky lawyer Ben Cowgill’s blog about legal ethics.
Ethics Opinion Summaries ( — Attorney Tim Spahn’s summaries of Virginia and ABA Legal Ethics Opinions (including links to opinions).

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