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Phones in Dallas Jail

by | Feb 21, 2007 | Uncategorized

This Dallas Blog is worth a look if you’ve never used it.
Craig has written some nice articles lately.

When inmates place phone calls from the Dallas County Jail, some very unpleasant charges show up on the recipient’s bill. The current rate is $4.10 per minute. At their February 20th meeting, commissioners took another step in addressing this problem.
AT&T has provided this service for a number of years but is moving out of the phone business for jails. As a result, AT&T has entered into a contract with Global Tel*Link (GTL) to provide jail phone service in the future. GTL has proposed that the price be lowered to $2.00 per minute locally and $2.30 for long distance. However, this would be a serious cut in income for the county.
Commissioners decided to forego three other options and to put out a “Request for Proposals.â€? Other companies will be requested to submit bids on providing phone service for the jail. Commissioners hope to bring the cost down, while at the same time maintaining an income stream for the county.
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