D Magazine’s “Best of Dallas 2013” Issue – Best Lawyers in Dallas.

I am proud to be listed in D Magazine’s Best of Dallas issue again. It’s always nice to be recognized by your peers and the community.

D Magazine – Best Lawyers in Dallas

How The Winners Are Picked: (per D Magazine)
To compile our list of the best 391 lawyers in Dallas, we asked lawyers with a valid Texas bar number to designate their primary area of practice. We then asked them to nominate two lawyers outside their firm and one within their firm in their area of practice, keeping the following question in mind: which Dallas lawyers, of those whose work you have witnessed firsthand, would you rank among the current best? Answers may include co-counsel, lawyers you have observed in court, and opposing counsel. After the votes were tallied, a panel of eminent lawyers met with our editors to evaluate the Best Lawyers in Dallas 2013 list. Self-nominations were not counted. The panel’s anonymity was assured to allow the lawyers to speak freely about issues regarding their peers that would be known only to the legal community. Voting was conducted exclusively at dmagazine.com. After this list was completed, we turned a copy over to our sales staff. The sales department cannot add or subtract from the list. They in turn offer full-profile advertisements to the winners. The editors have no idea who purchases these ads, which are found in a special advertising section somewhere else in the magazine. If lawyers decline to buy an ad, they are still listed. No one can buy an ad in the special section unless he or she is included in this list.

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