Texas Medicaid and Medicare Fraud Defense Attorney

Unusual behavior related to Medicare and Medicaid programs, such as billing errors or the submission of false information, can lead to an investigation of possible fraud.

During Medicaid and Medicare fraud investigations, the federal government does not generally accept excuses that simple mistakes were made or that the regulations are too difficult to fully understand.

At David Finn, P.C. law firm in Dallas, Texas, our lawyers have defended recipients, doctors, clinics and other healthcare facilities against allegations of Medicare or Medicaid fraud. As a former federal prosecutor, David Finn understands and can anticipate the tactics the government will attempt to use against his clients to obtain a conviction. Consequently, Mr. Finn can prepare a solid defense on your behalf.

If you or your healthcare facility is under investigation for Medicare fraud or if you have already been indicted or formally charged, contact David Finn today

Actions Leading to Federal Fraud Charges

Charges of Medicaid and Medicare fraud against providers frequently stem from allegations of overbilling or billing for procedures that were not actually performed. Individuals are also frequently charged with Medicaid and Medicare fraud if they are suspected of receiving benefits to which they are not otherwise entitled.

At David Finn, P.C., we represent both healthcare providers and individuals whose Medicaid and Medicare fraud charges stem from the following accusations:

• False or fraudulent billing
• Over billing
• Billing for phantom patients
• Billing several times for the same procedure
• Falsifying medical information
• Unlawful receipt of benefits

Criminal Intent vs. Honest Mistakes

The government attempts to carefully monitor Medicare and Medicaid billing, and too many errors or mistakes may lead to fraud charges. This is particularly true if there is a pattern of errors or mistakes. However, in order to obtain a conviction, the government must prove that the “errors” were made intentionally or knowingly. Proving this type of intent beyond a reasonable doubt can sometimes prove to be a difficult task for the prosecution, as honest, unintentional mistakes are extremely common when filing paperwork or completing complex billing information.

David Finn has considerable experience handling federal fraud charges. Call David Finn today at: 214.651.1121. David Finn will aggressively challenge the government’s claims of criminal intent to defraud the Medicaid and Medicare system.

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